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Hi there.
I’m John, and I own a food brokerage. I know, it’s probably nothing you’ve ever heard of before, but maybe you have, since you’ve actually made it to this blog site.
A food brokerage is also a product launch company. Kind of the same thing. What we do is help people get their brainchild food products from raw product stage through to where their products are sitting on the shelves of major grocery stores ready to be purchased.
This blog is all about that process and the ins and outs of it and tips and advice for people who are involved in some aspect of the food launch business.
A little about me, so that you know the person behind the blogs. . . .
I grew up in Seal Beach, California. I don’t date back quite as far as when the general area was still covered by orange groves and bean fields, but almost! In the decades that I lived there, I saw a lot of development. New freeways that went in, beautiful big new buildings and hotels built–including the Orange County Performing Art Center with its distinctive suspended firebird sculpture—and the whole beach front area of downtown Huntington Beach.
That part of the area has probably changed more than any other city. It used to ooze character . . . funky little surfboard shops, ice cream places with tables outside on the sidewalk, tshirt stores, tattoo parlors, stuff like that. Some of those places are still there, but the whole area along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) has been super upgraded and looks fabulous and trendy and colorful—and just like every other newly developed place in America.
So Surf City has pretty much lost its history and character. The loss extends across PCH to the area in front of the pier. It’s all slick and fancy now. It’s beautiful. It’s just not interesting any more. No more run-down-in-your-flip-flops and stub your toe on the old plank pier. Nope. But hey, it’s gorgeous. And it must bring the city a lot of tourist income, because why else would they have done that?
Anyway, that’s the area where I grew up—not far from Huntington Beach. Seal Beach hasn’t changed quite so much and for that I’m glad. You can still walk along the beach and see all different kinds of houses, some big and some small, right on the beach. It hasn’t been over-developed yet and probably won’t because Huntington Beach has taken care of that.
I lived in Seal Beach for a long time. Did various entrepreneurial gigs there and then moved to San Antonio to start a food product launch business (the food brokerage). I moved to San Antonio because I fell in love with a woman and that’s where she wanted to live.
So that’s a bit about me. I hope you enjoy this blog.
Feel free to comment on my posts!